FOTB: Schedule

Yay, Flash on the Beach is nearly here!

This is all the stuff I’ve got more than a 50% intention of seeing. Everything else is up in the air until 5 minutes before hand.

Game Development

9:00 – Keynote
10:15 – AS3 Particle Effects – Now 1000% Extra FREE! (or maybe 50 Reasons AS3 Kicks Ass)
11:30 – From Real to Virtual and Back Again
13:30 – Make Flash Games. Retire Early.
16:00 – Dynamic Abstractions
20:00 – If it aint broke – break it!

9:00 – Flex and Actionscript 3 Worst Practices (although I am tempted by Building Complexity)
10:15 – Perceptive Interactions + Alternative Interfaces
14:45 – Flashing Flex
16:00 – Breaking Away
20:00 – Beyond the Knowledge: The Art of Playing

9:00 – Adobe Town Hall Meeting
10:15 – Sound B(y)tes (or maybe Stylizing Flex)
13:30 – Visualizing Time (although I’d like to see Richard Leggett’s talk, just for all the Gizmos)
16:00 – Algorithms to Fill Space

One response on “FOTB: Schedule

  1. Nigel

    I was only able to attend the last day, but liked it. Saw Chris Allen, Rich Shupe, Markos Weskamp, and Jared Tarbell, all great. Red5 does more than I thought it did. Loved Rich Shupe’s talk. I’ve never seen AS3 sound and visualizations explained so well. Jared Tarbell absolutely blew me away. I’d never seen him speak. What an inspiration!

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