Adobe Air Beta 2 and ILOG Elixir components

I’ve been playing with Flex Builder 3 (Beta 2) on and off this weekend and I’m definitely looking forward to the new release sometime in the new year. Adobe Air nee Apollo has also come a long way since Beta 1. As soon as I get over the latest build-hump I’ll probably even switch over to using FB3 for development purposes.

I’ve also been trying out the ILOG Elixir Flex components and I’m really impressed with these. A while back I started work on converting a Java based Treemap algorithm to AS3. The Java code almost compiled as it was, although there were a few areas that Java had to work a lot harder than AS3. All hail the Flash Player. There are already a few open source Treemap components out there, but I’m really impressed with the attention to detail of the ILOG Treemap components. They have two different layout algorithms, styling, user interaction and even documentation for Flex Builder. It has also been announced that these components will be distributed by Adobe as well.

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  1. Peter Bell

    Hey Robin,

    Lost your email address (long story). So, would you be up for a drink Friday night instead? Mark Drew may be coming along, and I’ll have a friend whose pad I’m crashing at, but if you’re on for a drink in central London, email me and we’ll sort out the details – would be great to hang out!

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