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BarCampBrighton3: Social Media Pecha Kucha

These are all the links that came up during the presentation. Thanks to everyone for joining in; apologies for the insanely buggy application [last minute bugs are a killer! 🙁 ]

BarCamp NorthEast :
Creative Brighton Debate :
Sussex Geek Dinner :
Farm – Web Freelancers Networking :
School Assembly :
loch_lomond :
mark s waiting for food.jpg :
table at due south.jpg :
10/04/2008 :
hut :
Endorphin – Free :
Howard Shore – The Black Gate is Closed :
Pete Namlook & Geir Jenssen – Sky Lounge :
cachecard.html :
Macworld | Mac Word | Opening up the Intel Mac mini :
Beastie Boys – Sure Shot :
Guns N’ Roses – Dust ‘n’ Bones :
Install multiple versions of IE on your PC :
Senior UI Consultant- London- £45K PLUS!! – :
Front End Developer – HTML, css – JobSearch :
Wait till I come! » Blog Archive » Five things to do to a script before handing it over to the next developer :
Download Now :
Ditz : {web} » Using Phing to automate JavaScript and CSS Minimization :
Working with PHP 5 in Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) – Professional PHP :
Python-by-example :
ARC: ARC – RDF and SPARQL for PHP developers :
Dopplr Raumzeitgeist 2007 by dopplr Fine Art Prints and Posters :
Extenuating Circumstances – SXSW: The Web That Wasn’t :
San Diego Web Standards Group :
UIE 2008 | Links from Andrew DeVigal’s Presentation :
Twitter / Greg: @stefsull – ok. for the res… : | Veterans Report Mental Distress :
mr hermano – Tambora :
Bill Evans – Some Other Time :
mr hermano – Tambora :
Nick Drake – Road : | Veterans Report Mental Distress :
this is a test :
website :
this is a test :
website :
Jacques Loussier Trio – Gymnopedie No 1 / Var.2 :
Scuba – Harpoon :
Adriana Calcanhotto – Lig-lig-lig-lé :
Paulo Flores – E Doce Morrer No Mar :
Jimi Hendrix – Red House :
The Deleted Scenes: F**k Travelodge, f**k them right in the ear… :
Faces of the Fallen: Iraq and Afghanistan Casualties | :
weird yahoo answers language thing :
“your grandson is really important” :
Ian Forrester on “Techhub” :
Looks Good Works Well: Announcing: Jiffy Firebug Extension for Viewing Client Side Performance Data :
GoateeSaver ::: Real Men Wear Goatees :
ROXIK | Physics :
Free Events In London – What’s On In London :
ROXIK | Physics :
Color Whore :
antipixel :
Daring Fireball :
hicksdesign :
mindgarden :
Rails Form Helpers Cheat Sheet :
280slides online slide editing and presentation :
RubyForge :
A Designer’s Guide to HTML Email :
Magical Microformat Maker :
White Mischief “Around The World In 80 Days” – one night indoor festival with Oojami, Ebony Bones, 7 bands, 7 vaudeville acts, 7 DJs, 7 hours of madness :
From computers to ubiquitous computing, by 2020 : BBQ on Rooftop Terrace :
Radiohead :
FlashBrighton: Code-along-Genetic-Algorithm :
Tantek, sleeping :
During the break :
Brian :
Pinxto people :
Sophie and Trammell :
Thriving Office :
Geeks Love Bowling : – Merlin Mann – Worst Website Ever – SXSW 2008 – Uploaded by rooreynolds :
4 Technologies for Portability in Social Networks: A Primer – ReadWriteWeb :
We Tell Stories :
Pimp Trammell :
The geeks gather :
Ocean :
Choosing a spot :
Noodles :
Coding Conventions – Flex SDK – Confluence :
Scott Fegette: Silverback – Guerrilla Usability Testing :
Method for classifying and searching video databases based on 3-D camera motion – Patent 6748158 :
Show Us a Better Way :
Handpresso – Produits – Wild :
Main Page – Ubuntu Eee :
Internet Memes :
cachecard.html :
Method for classifying and searching video databases based on 3-D camera motion – Patent 6748158 :
hachoir-metadata – Hachoir – Trac :
IMG_1264.JPG :
IMG_1448.JPG :
An Evening With William Gibson :
Bay Area Maker Faire 2008 :
San Francisco Urban Iditarod 2007 :
Charles Mudede on The Stranger, Police Beat, Zoo and Desire :
Create a Winning Tagline :
Web2Open (day 1) :
Where 2.0 2008 :
Nick turns 22: Sausage party! :
John Williams – Desert Chase :

Lesson Learnt

This weekend, while travelling to a cheesy club night in Islington, we ran into three men who were dressed up as the Ghostbusters. Not only did they have the suits, they also had realistic inflatable packs as well. We tried to convince them to come along, promising them that likely as not get they’d free entry and everyone would think they were awesome, but they declined. And of course, 20 minutes after getting into the club, the DJ played Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr.

Sometimes life hands you opportunities, almost into your hands. I think they really missed one of them there.

Intro, Take 2

I tried this last year and got distracted with deadlines, potential deportation and moving house three times. Maybe this time around it will stick. I have other journals (updated sporadically), but this one is slightly more public.

Anyway, onto an original meme of mine:

  • Number of Years online: 10? 11? Something like that. I had a brief play with BBSs and FidoNet in high school, but it didn’t really stick until uni when I had Internet access without any hassle.
  • First web browser: Netscape 0.92n.
  • First email address:
  • First website:
  • First handle/nickname: merlinc – Initially chosen because of Roger Zelazny’s Amber sequence, kept I guess, due to the lack of collisions when registering on new sites
  • First domain: – I’ve had a number of others, but they were one off things, the only constant has been courts
  • First UseNet Post: in aus.sf.babylon5
  • First online community: Aus.Tv.X-files (it was less about the xfiles, more about being silly at each other). Made a lot of friends there, still got some of them.
  • First downloaded song: ‘Earth’ by the Orb – I rememeber it being a really long song, and difficult to download on a 28.8k modem
  • First downloaded movie/TV show: ‘Earshot’, Season 3 of Buffy c/o #buffy-unlimited on efnet