Intro, Take 2

I tried this last year and got distracted with deadlines, potential deportation and moving house three times. Maybe this time around it will stick. I have other journals (updated sporadically), but this one is slightly more public.

Anyway, onto an original meme of mine:

  • Number of Years online: 10? 11? Something like that. I had a brief play with BBSs and FidoNet in high school, but it didn’t really stick until uni when I had Internet access without any hassle.
  • First web browser: Netscape 0.92n.
  • First email address:
  • First website:
  • First handle/nickname: merlinc – Initially chosen because of Roger Zelazny’s Amber sequence, kept I guess, due to the lack of collisions when registering on new sites
  • First domain: – I’ve had a number of others, but they were one off things, the only constant has been courts
  • First UseNet Post: in aus.sf.babylon5
  • First online community: Aus.Tv.X-files (it was less about the xfiles, more about being silly at each other). Made a lot of friends there, still got some of them.
  • First downloaded song: ‘Earth’ by the Orb – I rememeber it being a really long song, and difficult to download on a 28.8k modem
  • First downloaded movie/TV show: ‘Earshot’, Season 3 of Buffy c/o #buffy-unlimited on efnet

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