360 Flex in summary

I’ve been back from San Jose for a few days now, but I’ve been too caught up with resuming my London-life to post a review.

360Flex was awesome. Without a doubt the best conference I’ve been to. Good choice of venue in eBay, the conference itself was well organised, even in the more basic sessions I learnt something, there was a lot of tasty breakfasts and lunches and of course the requisite range of intelligent speakers. The area around eBay’s campus was devoid of pretty much anything, but it was made up for with the suitably warm and sunny weather of California.

  • Most animated speaker: Jesse Warden demonstrating Flash and Flex Together
  • Coolest demonstration: Mapping Components by Mansour Raad, demonstrating ESRI’s about-to-be-released mapping components for Flex 2.
  • Most annoying clash: Building Apollo Apps vs Mapping Components vs Model Driven Integration
  • Most illuminating speaker: Ely Greenfield presenting Making Components
  • Best meal: Tuesday nights BBQ Chicken
  • Most hungover: Ryan Stewart

And, of course, I put lots of faces to names and met a lot of new friends.

Very much looking forward to the next 360Flex, Boston or otherwise.

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