Secret Garden Party 2010: Too much fun for 140 characters

I decided to go to the Secret Garden Party at practically no notice, after hearing about it being a random festival of fun and insanity. But I grossly underestimated how much crazy hijinks were on offer. So here’s a short list1 of what I did at the Secret Garden Party this weekend:

  • Wandered around a festival with friends old and new
  • Danced to more sub-genres of music than I can count
  • Swam in a lake
  • Missed every single headliner
  • Slid down a helter skelter
  • Had my feet eaten by fish
  • Walked, ran, danced and pretend tightroped across a wibbly wobbly bridge
  • Found the conceptual end of the festival
  • Wrote stories to get free G&T
  • Saw a gorilla and banana get married
  • Got a tan
  • Listened to a talk on prime numbers and football
  • Failed to hula hoop
  • Watched an impromptu limbo competition happen down at the front stage
  • Only got bored twice in the entire festival
  • Drank a *lot* of cider
  • Saw a theremin playing space robot
  • Held a stick insect
  • Went on a ferris wheel
  • Had breakfast in bed
  • Was electrocuted by cucumbers
  • Took juggling lessons
  • Played scouts games
  • Swung on a mystic swing
  • Accidentally found fish (or were they umbrellas?) (or umbrella fish?)
  • Attended a fairly scientific talk on lucid dreaming
  • Saw a beat-boxing competition so good I forgot there was only voices
  • Danced more in the space of 24 hours than in the previous 24 months
  • Was touched by the tree of lost things
  • Saw a haphazard film crew re-enacting of Robin Hood Prince of Thieves
  • Danced on a floating boat club
  • Watched it burn in flames

The list of things I missed or forgot to do or didn’t know were happening until after the fact is at least as large.

Roll on Secret Garden Party 2011.

  1. It might be short, but it’s still too much for twitter or Facebook to handle! []

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